Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting

Cracked Wheel Detector at FAST

TTCI has extensive test instrumentation, data collection and communication, and analysis capabilities that support laboratory and field testing activities around the world.

Laboratory and Field Testing

Cracked Wheel Detector at FAST

Typical dynamic vehicle measurements are made with a computer equipped instrumentation car that rides along with the test car, collecting data pertinent to the test. On the track, sensors installed in specific test sections make dynamic measurements, while wayside computers collect the data. Static measurements are made with a variety of precise and specially developed devices. TTCI measurement systems are portable and are frequently mounted on customer locomotives and transit cars.



  • Integrated Remote Railway Information System: wayside data collection system for dynamic response measurement of vehicles, track, components, and structures
  • Static measurements of rail, special trackwork, track modulus, ballast and soil density, track geometry, rail flaws, lubrication, and tie stiffness
  • Dynamic wayside measurement of wheel and rail forces, ground vibration, wheelset angle of attack, ballast and subgrade displacement and pressure
  • Dynamic onboard measurements of ride quality, noise, acceleration and vibration levels, lading damage, structural forces and strains, coupler forces, energy consumption, impact forces, and wheel/rail contact forces
  • Load measuring instrumented wheel sets
  • Longitudinal rail profile measurement system
  • Attended and unattended, remotely accessed data collection and transfer systems