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The WABL Committee's mission is to establish, improve, and maintain wheel, axle, bearing and lubrication system interchange standards and rules, and to certify and monitor the performance of new equipment.

Daniel Carter

Manager –
Wheel, Axle, Bearing, and Lubrication Committee
Intermodal Car Performance Committee

Transportation Technology Center, Inc

55500 DOT Road Pueblo, CO 81001

Phone: 719-584-0670 | email: daniel_carter@aar.com




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TTX (Chair)
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Field Manual

RULE 36 - Roller Bearings

RULE 37 - Adapters

RULE 41 - Wheels

RULE 43 - Axles

RULE 44 - Wheel Sets

Manual of Standards and Recommend Practice

Section G Wheels and Axles
Section G Part II Wheel and Axle (Shop) Manual
Section H Journal Bearings and Lubrication
Section H Part II Roller Bearing (Shop) Manual