About TOES™

Train Operation and Energy Simulator (TOES™) is a state of the art train action model developed for and licensed to AAR-member railroads. The simulation models the interaction of train air-brake and ECP-brake systems, inter-car coupling behavior, locomotive performance characteristics, and train resistance forces.

TOES™ has been validated numerous times in heavy North American freight trains. The software has also been applied to passenger and transit systems due to its ability to predict braking system response and stopping distance.

TOES™ is an interactive program that allows the user to predict and analyze the response from various throttle and brake commands, and may be used to evaluate a vehicles response to in-train forces. The software applies a set of two complex operations: A non-linear fluid dynamics model of automatic and independent air brake systems and non-linear models of friction draft gear and end-of-car cushioning units. TOES™ is therefore very useful in derailment prevention and analysis work.

Typical TOES™ Applications

  • Accident or incident investigation
  • Stopping distance investigations
  • Coupler force monitoring
  • Prediction of vehicle longitudinal accelerations
  • Evaluation of train make-up strategies
  • Evaluation of train handling studies
  • Comparison of new track layouts
  • Prediction of car fatigue damage
  • Evaluation of new equipment

    • Reduced slack coupler
    • New end-of-car cushioning unit standard
    • Benefits of ECP brakes
  • Train make-up

    • Placement of autoracks
    • Blocking and power placement