FRA Technical Training Standards

The FRA’s Technical Training Standards Division (TTSD) is responsible for training personnel who regulate railroad safety in five core discipline areas: Track, Signal & Communication, Hazmat, Motive Power & Equipment, and Operating Practices. TTCI is supporting TTSD by contributing equipment, infrastructure, and industry experts to support its classroom and hands on-training at the Transportation Technology Center near Pueblo, Colorado.
Over 70 classes were taught in 2017. TTCI is proud to support those efforts through training for bridge fall protection, track components at the High Tonnage Loop, testing methods to identify rail defects at the TTC metallurgy lab, use of equipment and props at the Security & Emergency Response Training Center , and implementation of an accident scene pilot course developed with full-scale props designed to simulate a highway grade crossing accident.

Chris Pinney

Chris Pinney
Senior Economist II

Track Fundamentals Training (left) and Accident Fundamentals Training (right)