Software Updates

Our Software Services department continues to enhance TTCI’s software suites. Major accomplishments to our Project Phoenix integrated software suites completed in 2017 include:

  • A new creep force calculation table, generated by VORtech CMCC using the latest CONTACT program is now included in NUCARS®,
  • Automated processing of Trimble Trolley files in TrackVu™,
  • Read in of legacy NUCARS® vehicle files into NUCARS® User Interface

TTCI is also excited to announce the release of GEOTRACK™ as part of the Project Phoenix suite. GEOTRACK™ is a three-dimensional, multi-layer model for determining the responses of the track and subgrade as a function of: 1) wheel loads, 2) properties of rails and ties, 3) properties of ballast, sub ballast and underlying soil layers, and 4) dimensions including tie spacing and layer thicknesses. The updated GEOTRACK™ brings an updated user interface similar to the other integrated software suite products and allows users to output data in a form that can be used in NUCARS®.

Maryclara Jones

MaryClara Jones
Manager – Software Services Dept.