The Specially Equipped Freight Car Committee (SEFCC) develops and maintains Standards and Specifications for multi-level equipment. This includes new multi-level cars, multi-level rack end doors, vehicle tie-down systems, portable bridge plates, certification requirements and other related information considered mandatory for use in unrestricted National Reload Pool service.  These standards are published in MSRP Section N, Multi-level Manual.

In addition, the SEFCC governs the operation and billing for maintenance and repair pools established pursuant to the ICC-approved pooling agreement for multi-level equipment.  The rules include requirements for certification (of equipment and facilities), minimum mechanical maintenance requirements, procedures for establishment of designated satellite shops, billing requirements, and methods for prorating maintenance expense among pool participants.  These rules are published in the Office and Field Manual of the AAR Interchange Rules, Appendix B.

Dave Hendrixon

Manager, Specially Equipped Freight Car Committee

MxV Rail

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