Field Programs and Training:

The Damage Prevention & Loading Services (DP&LS) group conducts Quality Reviews at motor vehicle loading and unloading facilities to evaluate performance and conditions based on industry standards.

Measurements during Quality Reviews are provided in the areas of equipment maintenance and placement, vehicle handling, vehicle loading/unloading procedures, and vehicle securement.

Evaluation criteria are based on industry standards as published in the AAR Multi-Level Manual. Composite results measure overall performance trends and are part of industry scorecards.

The DP&LS team provides on-site training for vehicle loaders, unloaders, and equipment maintenance personnel. These training sessions are comprised of classroom instruction and hands-on experience.

Support of Industry Automotive Initiatives:

Support of Industry Automotive Initiatives: The DP&LS group supports the railroad and automotive industry's initiative to improve rail transportation of motor vehicles. DP&LS work with the railroads' Multi-Level Pooling Executive Policy Committee (MPEC) and the auto manufacturers' Automotive Logistics Executive Committee (ALEC)..

Major focus areas of this initiative are multi-level fleet utilization, vehicle quality, maintenance and enhancement of equipment, and improvement of Mexico/U.S. rail transit and vehicle quality.

The DP&LS group provides input on vehicle damage prevention issues addressed by MPEC/AILSC. In addition, we directly support industry efforts by the MPEC Task Force on Vehicle and Equipment Quality (VEQ) and the Specially Equipped Freight Car Committee that develops specifications for multi-level equipment and industry rules for equipment maintenance.

Manuals, Posters & Training Programs MANUALS

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Multi-Level Manual for Motor Vehicles Recommended practices for motor vehicle loading and unloading. Includes AAR Standard Vehicle Inspection Format—Definitions & Instructions. Also includes Section I and Appendix B from Mechanical Division Manual of Standards & Recommended Practices. (Rev. 04/17) $367.20 (PDF Electronic) $392.20 (Hard Copy/Paper)