Equipment Engineering Committee

This committee develops and maintains design and operation standards for freight cars and their components. It also serves as the oversight committee for the operations of the AAR's Braking Systems Committee, Wheels, Axles, Bearings & Lubrication Committee, Coupling System & Truck Castings Committee, and Specially Equipped Freight Car Committee. The EEC Committee Manager can answer questions concerning design and construction of freight cars, increased gross rail load, technical certification of new car builders, freight car performance issues, extended service cars, freight car rebuilds and modifications, and draft gear/cushion units. The EEC also has responsibility for Rule 88 compliance (including inspections and review of structural analysis).

Anna Fox

Jon Hannafious

Director Technical Standards, EEC Manager

MxV Rail

350 Keeler Parkway, Pueblo, CO 81001

Phone: 719-251-6571 | email:

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Field Manual

RULE 21 Draft Gears, Carriers and Followers

RULE 46 Truck System Performance

RULE 50 Truck Springs

RULE 53 Metal/Fiberglass

RULE 57 Center Sills

RULE 58 Side Sills

RULE 59 Cushioned Underframe Devices

RULE 60 Body Center Plates

RULE 61 Body Side Bearings

RULE 62 Truck Side Bearings

RULE 66 Reflective Sheeting

RULE 73 Trough Hatch Covers

RULE 77 Door and Door Parts

RULE 80 Painting and Stenciling

RULE 88 Mechanical Requirements for Acceptance

Rule 59 Support

Rule 59 Cushion Unit Installation (30mb)

Strato Floating Yoke Components

Manual of Standards and Recommend Practice

Section B Couplers and Freight Car Draft Components

Section C Car Construction Fundamentals and Details
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Section C Part II Design, Fabrication, and Construction of Freight Cars

Section D Trucks and Truck Details

Coupler Retention Installation Procedures

SKC2397D E-G Style Application

SKC2904A E-10 & 15 Style Application

SKC3729A Freightmaster Type E - M, SN & KN Style Application

SKC3730A Freightmaster Type E - HD, & SR Style Application

SKC3731A Freightsaver Type E15H Style Application

SKC3732A Freightsaver Type E15H Style Application

SKC3733A Freightmaster Type F - M Style Application

SKC3734A Freightmaster Type F - SN Style Application

SKC3735A Freightmaster Type F - HD & AR Style Application

SKC3737A Freightmaster Type F - KNU Yoke Style Application

SKC3738A Freightmaster Type F - KN Style Application

SKC3766A E-10 & 15 GR Style Application